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Tailored to your ears
right from Your home

Thanks to our Fitkit and its revolutionary molding tips, you can capture a comfortable, precise fit for your ears in minutes, all in the comfort of your home.

Custom Fit
Without the wait

Custom Fit Without the wait

Ultimate Ears changed the way people hear music for the better. Until now, custom fit earphones required scheduling an appointment with a specialist to get an impression of your ear. Our revolutionary at-home Fitkit is changing the way you get your custom-fit Ears thanks to an easy-to-follow app and quick 60-second impression process. Learn More

How it Works

1 Design and order your Ears, receive your Fitkit in 1-2 days
2 Use the kit to create an impression of your ears
3 Return the Kit using the prepaid label
4 Your ears are handcrafted & delivered in 10 business days

As Unique as your Own ear

See how our at home Fitkit can quickly provide an impression of your ear.

Easy-to-Use App
Download the free Ultimate Ears Fitkit app for iOS or Android and follow the simple step-by-step instructions.
Patented Molding Tips
Our patented gel-filled molding tips start out flexible so they can fit into your ears and mold to the shape of your inner ear for a perfect fit.
Triggering the molding process transforms the molding tips from their initial gel-like state to their permanently hardened, customized shape.