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Through Mastery, Comes Harmony.

25 years of craftsmanship.


The way music was meant to be heard

Premium sound, incredible fit and comfort.

Tuned and sculpted to bring you superior audio quality

Up to 8 speakers in each ear, precisely tuned to give you an unmatched audio experience.

Molded to your personal earprint

Custom tailored to your unique ears for a precise fit, ultimate comfort and unparalleled sound isolation.

1 Order and receive your Fitkit in 1-2 days 

2 Create an impression of your ears in 60 seconds

3 Return Fitkit with the prepaid label

4 Get your custom-fit earphones in 10 business days


Block out noise and hear music the right way

Ultimate Ears creates a natural seal with your ear to block out 26 decibels of ambient noise. Experience the difference of superior noise isolation.

Listen like the pros

From the Beastie Boys, to Iron Maiden to Lady Gaga, Ultimate Ears are now used by the majority of the world's top touring musicians. We have handcrafted more than 100,000 Ears for Musicians since 1995.

Made to your specifications

Pro Technology Meets Wireless Freedom

Go truly wireless for the first time ever with this limited edition bundle from Fostex and Ultimate Ears.