Earbuds That
Truly Fit

UE FITS are custom-molded to your unique ear shape. The secure fit will stay in place no matter what activity you’re doing. You can wear UE FITS in complete comfort all day long, while enjoying exceptional noise isolation and truly immersive sound.

Ultimate Comfort. Premium Sound.

UE FITS are the world’s first true wireless earbuds that are custom fitted to your unique ear shape — in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee. The result? You can wear UE FITS in complete comfort all day long, while enjoying exceptional noise isolation and truly immersive sound. Does this sound like magical technology from the future? We couldn’t agree more.


Shaped to your Ears

  • True Custom Fit earbud tips via patented Lightform Technology.
  • Unparalleled comfort for all-day, pain free wear.
  • Fall-out proof, secure fitting tips for active lifestyles.

20+ Hour Playtime

  • 8 hours of battery on the buds
  • 20 hours with the case
  • Fast charging, with 10 minute charge = 60 minutes of listening

Siri / Google Assistant

  • Compatible with both Apple and Android Products.

Superior Noise Isolation

  • Superior noise isolation powered by our self-molding tips fitted to your unique earprint.

Sweat / Water Resistant

  • UE FITS are water and sweat resistant. Perfect for working out.

Hands-Free Calling

  • True wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 5 technology.
  • Crystal Clear, hands-free calls.

You’ve never had earbuds that fit like these.


You have to try them

"One of the best wireless ear phones I purchased. It fits and conform to my ear. The sound quality is amazing. I needed a good pair of quality earphones and I found them in UE Fits. Thank you."


Great headphones!

"The quality, bass, and comfort of these headphones are very good! It’s noise canceling is great for stopping any unwanted sounds other than the music or videos that you are playing. I suggest these to anyone looking for new headphones!"


5 stars for Circus!

"I’m a circus artist that struggles with earbuds due to spinning, inversions, and just all around weird body positions. Earbuds aren’t meant for that I’ve found and wired pods get caught/wrapped and ripped out. These Fits have changed that. They’re comfy, secure, and so far haven’t fallen out once, which makes rehearsing for show pieces in a crowded gym a breeze."



What is your return policy?

UE FITS comes with a perfect fit guarantee and a 30-day risk-free return policy. You have 30 days from the date you receive your earbuds to return them if you are not satisfied.

Can I control my phone/music directly from the earbuds?

Yes! You can control volume, manage calls, engage voice assistants and more with touch. Use the companion app to assign functions to single and double taps and left and right earbuds.

Once the earbuds are shaped to my ears, can they be changed again?

The short answer is no. Our patented technology uses light to mold the gel-filled earbuds tips to the contours of your ear. The UE FITS app will guide you through the customization process, achieving your perfect fit in under 60 seconds. Extra tips will be available for purchase if you’re looking to share them with someone else.

Can I only use one earbud at a time?

Yes you can. Our earbuds are made to be used at the same time or independently. Wear one or two at the same time depending on your current needs.

What is the sound quality? 

The UE FITS are equipped with premium single dynamic 10mm drivers. The speakers have been fine-tuned by our acoustic engineers to craft the ultimate listening experience. Our sound can be described as full, warm, and detailed with a deep, tight, and punchy bass. Bonus: our companion app lets you customize your sound preferences using our sound equalizer.