Earbuds that stay put, no matter how hard you train


★★★★★Josiah K.Verified Buyer

"Fit extremely well. I rollerblade with them in and haven’t had them fall out yet! First headphones I can use without a over ear loop of some sort. The sound isolation with them both in is insane."

★★★★★Krista L.Verified Buyer

"They are so comfortable a lot of times I forget I am wearing them. I almost got into the pool once with them still in. They stay in while I run which was my biggest complaint of other brands. [...] The sound to me is great. I would definitely recommend and would buy them again!"

★★★★★Matthew G.Verified Buyer

"I'm loving my new UE fits! They sound great and my ears are not fatigued after wearing them for extended periods of time! Good isolation, solid bass response and clarity."

A custom fit in 60 seconds

UE FITS use Lightform Technology to mold to your ears in 3 steps and 60 seconds.


Get started

Download and open the UE FITS iOS App or Android App. Follow the simple prompts to pair your earbuds to your device.

Next, place the UE FITS in your ears. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the app to begin the molding process.


Shape your buds

Hold your earbuds in place while our Lightform Technology gently molds the tips to conform to the natural shape of your ears.

The purple glow of the LEDs hardens the gel inside the tips, creating a seal that's personalized to your unique earprint. This process takes about 60 seconds.


Enjoy a truly bespoke fit

As soon as the molding process is complete, the earbuds are ready for use.

Your UE FITS are now custom-fitted to your ear shape so you can wear them all day long in total comfort.


Shaped to you
Shaped to you

Custom fit to your ears via patented Lightform Technology

20 hour playtime
20 hour playtime

8 hours on the buds, 20 hours on the case

Passive noise isolation
Passive noise isolation

The custom fit creates a seal that blocks out noise

Sweat resistant
Sweat resistant

Resists both sweat and water, perfect for working out

Siri/Google Assistant
Siri/Google Assistant

Compatible with Apple and Android Products

Hands-free calling
Hands-free calling

True wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 
5 technology

Tech Specs

Connection TypeWireless
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery Life8 hours of battery on the buds, 20 hours with the case. Fast charging, with 10 minute charge = 60 minutes of listening
Supported CodecSBC, AAC, APT-X
Max Sound Pressure110db at 500hz
Frequency Response20 Hz - 20 kHz
TipPhotopolymer gel tips that mold to your ears via patented light-forming LEDs
CableUSB-C charging case