Custom Made
Wireless Earphones

From the sound to the fit to the look, your Ultimate Ears start and end with you.

Design Yours

Fit and Comfort

Ultimate Ears are built to the precise measurements of your inner ears, providing an incredibly natural fit and feel. While custom-fit earphones used to require lengthy visits to audiologists and weeks of waiting, our revolutionary Fitkit allows you to capture your unique earprint from the comfort of your home in under a minute.

Premium Sound

Every pair of Ultimate Ears contains speakers with up to 12 balanced armature drivers precisely tuned to give you an unmatched audio experience. Choose from 3 models, each painstakingly engineered to deliver a full compass of sound.

Passive Noise Isolation

Thanks to their custom fit, Ultimate Ears blocks out ambient noise through a natural seal instead of creating additional sounds like noise cancelling headphones. This superior passive noise isolation gives you a greater sense of personal space and a heightened listening experience.

Hear the isolation difference


Demonstration only, actual product may vary.

The Spectrum of Sound

Choose from 3 different speaker configurations engineered to offer the ultimate audio experience. Plug in your current earphones to hear the difference, now.

Powerful Audio, entry level price.

Dual drivers create extended headroom with powerful, higher quality sound and exceptional frequency response.

Demonstration only, lower fidelity than actual product performance

Powerful well-defined bass.

Dedicated sub delivers tight, accurate bass. Tuned to enhance the low frequencies.

Demonstration only, lower fidelity than actual product performance

The best. Bright, balanced, crisp, detailed.

Get more detail, separation, musicality and coherence in your music. Feel upper register harmonics and clear warm sound.

Demonstration only, lower fidelity than actual product performance

Precision tuning to match your tastes

Customize your audio on the go with the UE Custom EQ App. Choose from preset sound profiles or create your own to optimize your listening experience.

Interchangeable Cable System

Every pair of Ultimate Ears comes with Bluetooth standard as well as the ability to plug in (and unplug) a traditional auxiliary cable, allowing you to listen without using your battery in those moments you don’t need to be wireless.