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Craftsmanship is defined as having skill in a particular craft, occupation or trade that requires manual dexterity and artistic skill. At Ultimate Ears, we take pride in the fact that our in-ear professional monitors and CSX custom earphones aren’t manufactured, they are crafted.


To showcase our unique ability to create handcrafted audio solutions for both professional musicians and fans alike, Ultimate Ears is proud to announce a new series of content showcasing individuals who we believe represent what it means to be “Best in Craft.”


This series features conversations with incredible craftspeople who create fine art, build race cars, design homes, and more, in the form of videos, blog posts, podcasts, and livestreams. We explore where they find inspiration, how they define success, and what it means to be “Best in Craft.”


Each of our Best in Craft partners has been outfitted with a custom pair of Ultimate Ears’ CSX earphones that fits their lifestyle and unique needs.  


For our participating fine artists, we have also collaborated on designs for Limited Edition Artist Series Custom CSX Earphones and matching prints that will be made available for purchase.  

Artist Collections

Don Pendleton


Ultimate Ears chose Pendleton as our first craftsperson for the Best in Craft series because his work is eclectic, diverse, and deeply connected to music, both on a professional and personal level. How many visual artists do you know that have won a GRAMMY Award?

Why Owls?

When I was young, my dad used to sit at the kitchen table and he painted a lot. One of the earliest paintings that I remember him doing was of a barn owl that he had a photo of. I don't think it represents any kind of certain symbol. I think it just became this icon of what I associate art to be in some ways.


How does music inspire you?

The connection between artwork and music has always been there. For me personally, it's just about being inspired. I visualize the music, and that works its way into the artwork. There’s an undeniable connection between rhythm, bass, and the way that music is composed, and the way that you're putting together artwork.


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