YAMAHA TF RACK with Ultimate Ears Presets

We recently talked about the awesome potential that mixing on iOS has. And now that Apple have announced the next generation of iPhone and it’s incredible processing power things are likely to really heat up.

Yamaha have just released a very exciting option to the field. The YAMAHA TF RACK with Ultimate Ears Presets offers all of the features found in TF Series desktop models released in 2015, and is intended for smaller or more portable venues. It’s especially useful when an optimal mix position is not available.

The TF Series is aimed at both new users and experienced professionals who are looking to get working faster than ever. The TF Series brings many time-saving performance capabilities, such as fast, accurate gain setup, single step compression and EQ, and microphone specific presets to even the most modest sound reinforcement application.

The TF Series rack-mount mixer will ship with firmware version 3.0 that adds full fader views on its touch screen, the ability to add an administrator password, and many other enhancements. And most exciting for us Yamaha has also partnered with Ultimate Ears, to create presets for the TF Series to provide stunning sonic clarity for the performer.

Like its desktop counterparts, TF-RACK is compatible with TF StageMix™ for wireless Wi-Fi remote mixing via iPad, and the MonitorMix™ app for aux send mixing via most smartphones or tablet PCs. Since it is not Wi-Fi dependent, TF-RACK sets a new standard for reliability in mixing, allowing it to maintain its full functionality even if the network goes offline. Users can simply continue mixing on the touch screen or opt to use it as their primary control surface as they wish.

What we are really excited about is that with the Yamaha TF1 mixer, powerful response sculpting tools are available to the user.

Yamaha and Ultimate Ears researched IEM systems and their effect on the response delivered to the performer on stage. Based on this analysis, we developed a unique EQ curve within the Yamaha TF mixer to ensure each UE IEM’s intended frequency response is preserved.

Each preset EQ curve within the Yamaha TF1 is tailored to a specific UE IEM and restores clarity and intelligibility by addressing attenuation in the low, mid and high frequency ranges.

It’s not everyday you get mentioned in the same breath as Shure, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, & Yamaha. It’s a big deal for us here at Ultimate Ears!

Here’s some specs on the TF Rack to whet your whistle.

  • 16+1 stereo inputs, 16 outputs
  • 1-knob COMP™ and 1-knob EQ™ for fast, easy control over your sound
  • GainFinder™ input setup for optimum gain structure
  • QuickPro Presets™ optimized microphone, music and output presets that include popular model choices from Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Shure and Ultimate Ears
  • Instant loading single step scene recall
  • Expansion capabilities of up to two stage boxes, as needed
  • TouchFlow Operation™ for easy, efficient control combining Select Channel and Cetralogic™ interfaces with the touch screen functionality
  • A comprehensive range of I/O connections directly on the rear panel
  • An optional NY64-D Dante I/O card and Tio1608-D I/O rack

Yamaha TF Series Rack-Mount Mixer (MSRP: TBD) will ship in the 4th quarter of 2016. For more info visit Yamaha

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