What's the Deal with Mixing on iOS

What’s all this news about mixing shows with my iPad?

iOS has really come a long way. And things are only going to get better and more far out in terms of what you can do with your favorite devices.

In terms of Live mixing, think of it this way, everything is hardwired to the board but the interface is portable. In fact, the interface is an iPad. If you need to move around and check hot spots, just pick up the iPad and mix from anywhere in the room.

The two units we like the most at the moment are:

Mackie DL 1608 which combines the proven power of a full-featured digital mixer with the unmatched ease and mobility of an iPad. And it’s a Mackie so you know it’s a work horse!

The DL 1608 has 6 aux sends for monitor mixes and supports up to 10 iPads so in theory, each band member could easily control their own mix from a mounted iPad on stage. This may be helpful for when a band is touring without a dedicated monitor engineer. In theory, wireless in-ear transmitters could be tied into this board and controlled from stage.

And we also love the PreSonus Qmix app. Qmix works with the StudioLive series of mixers. The integrated FireWire interface and tightly integrated software provide recording, editing, and computer-control, including wireless remote control from a laptop, iPad®, or iPhone®/iPod® touch. Like the Mackie it can support up to 10 devices, so everyone on stage can control their personal mix right from their palm.

Will this revolutionize how things are done? I’m not sure it will change huge tours (yet) but it will have an impact on club setups. More freedom. More technology. Less gear. Less hassle. And it is certainly telling of how the future will develop. Exciting times indeed!

Till next time!

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