What In Ear monitors do you recommend for a Singing Drummer?

If I am a vocalist, but I also play drums, what model of Ultimate Ears would you recommend for a singing drummer?

Dear Beats n’ Vox,

First of all let me say that I am in awe of singing drummers! From Levon Helm to Karen Carpenter to Death from Above 1979, I think it’s the toughest gig in rock. Keeping time and keep tune, not to mention running out of breath is kind of a miracle to me. Here’s list of some of the most famous drummers who also sing lead.

But I digress. I think the first thing I would ask you is “Which do you do more of?” Let’s take a look at that.

The UE7s are the industry standard. They have a lot of power and clarity in the mids (without being crunchy) and will certainly help your vocals cut through the mix even if you’re playing behind the kit. They are the affordable choice as well. What they won’t do is really bring out the low end. You will get that through your body, but not your ears.

If the low end is key for you, my next suggestion would be the UE11’s as they are gifted with an added dedicated sub driver. They will give you the right punch on the bottom end without compromising the top end you’ll need as a vocalist. They will really soar if you add a SoundGuard to your setup. You will be amazed at how impedance matching will bring the sound you hear to the next level.

If money’s no object I wholeheartedly recommend the UE18’s. They are the pinnacle for sound and design at UE. Their 6 drivers will deliver all the highs and lows that you need to take your performance to new heights. All around the UE 18s are the most complete sound solution for CIMEs, that’s just my opinion, you should you book a demo with a UE dealer and hear for yourself.

No matter what model you choose remember this IEMs also provide valuable hearing protection, which is key behind the kit.

IEMs also can also help you manage your vocal strain. You won’t be pushing as hard to hear yourself. 

Take your performance to the next level. Let us help design a personal solution just for you.

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