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WHAMS is a Los Angeles based production team comprised of producers Trent Mazur and Michael Freesh. They’ve worked with everyone from Train to Flo Rida to Nelly, and many others.

What really makes them so refreshing to me is they also seem to be more focused on making great music than blasting the internet with social media posts. They are grounded even though they have worked with some of todays biggest stars. We got them to take a break from the very busy schedule to sit down and have a chat with us about their process and how Ultimate Ears fits in with their workflow.

Trent Mazur and Michael Freesh Ultimate Ears

How did you find out about UE?

We couldn’t tell you just one way that we found out about UE. The UE name has circled our world for years because all our friends are musicians. From bands to producers to engineers, we have heard the UE name from tons of our piers. It quickly became obvious to us that UE is the go to brand.


What models are you using?

We have the UE 11 PRO’s


How do you think using UE in the studio has changed your work flow?

Using our headphones in the studio has changed our work flow drastically. As we noted above, we are constantly renting out big studios to record the live elements and then bringing the files back to our spot. We heavily rely on the UE stuff because it gives us a high quality and consistent reference point. Every studio has a unique sounding room, monitoring system, etc. Having the UE monitors has become the most essential tool to our process. 

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