VER + Ultimate Ears at Super Bowl LI

VER is one amazing production company. They work on six continents and on more than 50 productions a day, every day of the year. Ultimate Ears is proud to be a part of the story.

VER also have a big part in the SuperBowl. We got a few minutes of Brady Belavek's time during this crazy week to tell us a little bit about the company.

Hi Brady, thanks for taking time our of your crazy schedule to speak to us. What is the history behind Ver?

VER is the world’s go-to company for bringing experiences to life. Clients in TV, cinema, live music, sports and the corporate world rely on us for the greatest depth and breadth of rental equipment in the industry as well as unmatched expertise in Audio, Video, Lighting, LED, Camera, Rigging, Media Servers, Fiber and more. Created by two brothers and a modest team determined to take over the production world, VER was born.

Can you tell us about some of your favorite projects?

The ones I am fortunate enough to work on…

iTunes festival, NFL Draft, Super Bowl, Jimmy Kimmel Live, National Live Commercials, Let’s Make a Deal, Celebrity Game Shows, Arcenio, other Late Night Shows, Variety and Judge Shows, and the list goes on. You lose count after a while, but never a dull moment for sure.

VER Ultimate Ears UE Super Bowl LI

What are you doing for the Super Bowl?

Super bowl LI Opening Night, I am providing communications between the in-house event and broadcast trucks. This allows the content being shown inside the venue to be shared with the broadcast trucks and vice versa. Without the ability for multiple directors, producers and operators to share a moment with complete transparency through full duplex communications system, the timing and delivery of said content, at both your home and the stadium, would not be the same. This I think is the fundamental function of a good communications system. Directing or listening to information to at any given moment to do your job effectively.

How do Ultimate Ears fit into your workflow?

VER does many gigs where we are providing gear for an opening band or cover band for large corporate events and the musicians do not own custom molds. We always bring our universal fit UE’s to the table and the bands are instantly hooked. Ultimate Ears as leaps beyond your introductory name brand generics. UE always delivers the stage to the musician’s ear in a way that they can focus on what is important, the music.

When it comes to UE’s new + mic communications headset, the stage managers, camera and lighting operators and creative personnel get to experience this amazing quality in communication. Though bandwidth is limited on most communications gear, the UE + mic delivers a clear voice and enables the user to hear every word. Not only is this headset comfortable. When you pair adaptors provided by one of UE’s premier dealers, In-House Sound, you can use this on any communications system built. Pop it in your iPhone to make a call or plug in your favorite media player and enjoy the sound the way it was intended to hear.

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