Best In Craft: Stories Celebrating Craftsmanship and Artist Collaborations

Launching With New Limited Edition Artist Series Custom CSX Earphones


At Ultimate Ears, we take pride in the fact that our in-ear monitors and custom-made earphones aren’t manufactured, they are crafted. In celebration of the heart, dedication and skill required in craftsmanship, we are announcing a new series of collaborations and stories showcasing individuals who represent what it means to be “best in craft.”


“Ultimate Ears launched our CSX earphones to bring the quality and performance of our handcrafted, custom-fitted earphones to everyone, beyond just musicians,” said Jonah Staw, General Manager and Head of Ultimate Ears Customs, The “Best in Craft” series spotlights exceptional individuals across industries, their stories, and how they approach their work. Whether you spend your time making music, illustrating graphics, building race cars, or designing homes, an audio experience that puts you in the zone is key.”


First in the “Best in Craft” series is Don Pendleton, an artist, illustrator, and designer based in Kettering, Ohio, who is widely known for his distinct organic, cubist style and legendary skateboard graphics, as well as his work for brands including Alien Workshop, Burton Snowboards, Element Skateboards, Volcom and Nike. Deeply inspired by music, Pendleton was awarded a 2015 GRAMMY Award for “Best Recording Package” for Pearl Jam’s “Lightning Bolt” album illustrations, which was following years of work in the music industry working with artists like Foo Fighters and Death Cab for Cutie. Watch Pendleton discuss art, music and skateboarding.


We are also collaborating with artists featured in the “Best In Craft” series on designs for Limited Edition Artist Series Custom CSX Earphones. Matching prints will also be made available for purchase. Pendleton’s signature owl design is now available. Pendleton, along with each of the other participating artists, was fitted for his own pair of custom Ultimate Ears CSX earphones prior to the interview.


Over the next few months, we will feature conversations with incredible craftspeople who create fine art, build race cars, design homes, and more, in the form of videos, blog posts, podcasts, and live-streams. We explore where they find inspiration, how they define success, and what it means to be best in craft.


Ultimate Ears has been changing how people make and experience music since 1995, when a sound engineer developed the first pair of custom in-ear monitors for Alex Van Halen. More than 25 years later, the technology is now available for consumers who are seeking handcrafted earphones that offer a custom fit and superior audio quality.

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