Ultimate Ears and In-House Sound Present: The UE COMM Intercom Headset

Ultimate Ears Partners with In-House Sound to Introduce the UE COMM Intercom Headset

The groundbreaking new UE COMM intercom headset combines noise-isolating in-ear monitors with a purpose-built microphone for crystal-clear communication in any production environment. In-House Sound is a certified Ultimate Ears Pro value-added reseller. Our value-added resellers add additional features to our existing in-ear monitors to provide a complete turn-key solution to satisfy specific needs in many industries. Leveraging decades of experience of creating world-class in-ear monitors, the UE COMM is a next-generation intercom headset that brings unmatched audio performance to production personnel. In-House Sound is the perfect partner to bring this product to life thanks to their extensive experience in production environments.
We recently had the chance to chat with In-House Sound’s Matt Olivia to discuss how the UE COMM is helping production crews worldwide communicate more effectively.


Production professionals usually have to wear a big set of headphones. They're heavy. They're bulky. They're not very comfortable. And when you have a lot of people on a party-line, you have to turn the headsets way up to be able to hear anything because the intelligibility is so low.

That’s what’s great about the UE COMM—it goes all the way into the second bend in the ear canal. It puts the sound right next to your eardrum so you can hear everybody clearly, even at low volumes.

One of our main goals with the UE COMM was to design a headset that actually helps protect people’s hearing. I was recently at the Hip Hop Honors event, dropping off a UE COMM for one of the camera operators. Everyone was outside in the 95-degree heat, wearing these huge earmuffs, sweating like crazy. And the guy puts on this sleek headset. He's wearing his hat. He's comfortable. He hears better than everybody else. He's not damaging his hearing. Everybody was talking about this headset.



A common problem with traditional headsets is that they only have one connection type. We offer a wide range of adapters for the UE COMM so you can easily switch from one connection type to another. Switch from a belt pack to a walkie-talkie—you can even plug directly into your phone and take a phone call without having to take your headset off.

We also make program insert cables, which split the signal so you can communicate on multiple party lines at the same time. We can even configure it so that the party line is in one ear and the walkie-talkies are in the other. And you have full control over both channels, so you can turn people up and down as needed.

One of the best parts about the UE COMM is that it works for more than just party line communication. With the Bluetooth cable add on, you can listen to music on your morning run, talk on the phone during your commute, then switch to the adapter you need for work. You can even use it for playing video games in the green room. We want to make the UE COMM versatile enough to use in any situation. Not only is it the best-sounding solution, it also provides the best hearing protection and the most stylish design.


The UE COMM headset is delivered standard with our UE 5 Pro in-ear monitors, which are equipped with dual-driver technology for class-leading sound quality. You can also upgrade the in-ear monitors to any of our other models, or even retrofit your personal pair of UE in-ear monitors with a UE COMM microphone.
The standard order also includes a four-pin female adapter, a five-pin male adapter, and a 3.5-millimeter TRRS adapter. We also have additional adapters for Motorola, Kenwood and Vertex devices available for purchase. Whether you’re using a belt pack, a walkie-talkie, a Push-to-Talk (PTT) system or even your phone, we’ve got you covered.

The electret mic offers great noise cancelation. It's very focused. They're a little bit crisper and cleaner than dynamic mics. The only issue with the electret mic is that old systems only support dynamic mics. So, the electret mic needs a little bit of a power boost. Most of the new systems have settings for electret mics, but not all older systems. That’s why In-House Sound also offers an additional accessory, the Electret Power Box. It's a tiny little box that you can hang on your belt to power the mic (purchased separately).

UE COMM with accessories

Customize your UE COMM even further with an array of professional accessories to suit any workflow. Not sure what to choose? Contact In-House Sound and they will help you build the perfect UE COMM for your needs. moliva@in-housesound.com or www.in-housesound.com

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