UE's Brian Geller Featured on The Mixing Room Podcast

If you are not a subscriber to Brynner Agassi’s The Mixing Room podcast, you need to fix that right away!

For the uninitiated here’s Brynner backstory.

The son of legendary Assyrian singer Evin Agassi, California native, Brynner has been playing drums since the tender age of 4. A multifaceted drummer, Brynner performed a variety of styles ranging from rock hip-hop, to funk and jazz. What makes his playing so unique are such wide ranging influences. He sites such all-stars as drummer Dave Weckl and producers such as Trent Reznor and Bob Rock.

He’s worked with various artists such as Billy Zanker, Baum, Jeremy Hatcher, The Sovernty, Michael Mansour, Brook Mitchell, Mazedude, Damon Lord, Chamber Road, Amber Rose, bass virtuoso’s Alan Mehlhaf, Greg Cash and many, many more. Brynner’s work can also be heard on TV (domestic and international) as well as remixes to video game soundtracks.

In 2016, Brynner has launched his long awaited podcast - The Mixing Board which is focused on dialogue with fellow musicians, musical product vendors and a wide array of artists.

The Latest Episode features UE’s (and Atomic Punks) own Brian Geller.

They talk about Brynner’s transition from generic In-Ear Monitors to Ultimate Ears customs and how he never looked back. How his performance improved, fatigue lessened, and overall how psyched he was with the UE’s legendary customer service.

In the interview, they discuss how Brian came to join the UE family. Brian talks about how wearing Ultimate Ears improved his own vocal performances with his Van Halen tribute band Atomic Punks. A big topic is why you should NEVER wear just one IEM no matter how cool you think it makes your look. Not only that! They also discuss the connection between Van Halen and UE and what it’s like share the stage with your heroes.

There’s so much more great stuff on this podcast. You need to stop reading this right now and go listen!

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