UE Introduces Sound Guard at NAMM

One of the questions I frequently get asked as people are considering the move over to IEMs is this:

“What happens if someone drops a mike, or there is feedback? I’m really worried about how that might be harmful.”

It’s a really valid question. IEMs are designed not to pop out of your ears and the thought of some crazy loud sound spike can definitely make you squeamish.

UE to the rescue.

At the 2015 NAMM convention Ultimate Ears Pro introduced the UE Pro Sound Guard. This super portable piece of gear connects in-line with any sound source and UE Pro IEM. It provides automated sound level management to protect from unanticipated high levels of sound and also enables greater sound fidelity.

“How does Sound Guard increase fidelity?” I hear you ask. Sound Guard functions as an audio buffer that provides electrical impedance matching (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impedance_matching) from the source device to the connected UE Pro IEM, resulting in enhanced dynamic range as well as improved sound sound no matter what the source. This makes the Sound Guard ideal for live performances, houses of worship, clubs, and production studios. Sound Guard is optimized for UE 900S and custom UE Pro IEMs.

Enables your IEMs to perform at their best by controlling electrical impedance mismatches from the source device to the connected UE Pro IEMs.“Responsible listening has always been a major focal point for us at UE Pro, with our custom in-ear monitors and earphones made to help preserve musicians’ hearing, among other things,” said Philippe Depallens, vice president and general manager of UE Pro. “We believe that musicians’ ears are their most important instrument, and when that instrument is jeopardized, so is their overall craft. We created the UE Pro Sound Guard to further help musician’s combat loud and accidental audio spikes.”

Thanks Philippe, and thanks UE’s superstar engineers for this one. The UE Pro Sound Guard is expected to be available worldwide starting February 2015. through UE Pro or any authorized dealer. For more information please visit pro.ultimateears.com.

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