The Ultimate Ears Fitkit for UE CSX

The Ultimate Ears Fitkit for UE CSX

Let’s be honest, going to an Audiologist isn’t for everyone. You have to be totally committed to your professional craft to get a pair of in-ear monitors. Would you go through the same effort for casual listening?

That’s why we created our revolutionary FitKit. Anyone can now take impressions at home — at their leisure — to get their own set of UE CSX custom earphones.

UE csx fitkit

The at-home Fitkit uses patented gel-filled molding tips to create impressions. They are designed to enter as far as the first bend of the ear and to fully express your overall shape. Based on this slightly shallower impression, UE CSX series earphones have a rounder faceplate and earbuds that fit snugly into the first bend of the ear. By not entering as deeply into the ear, this allows you to remove or insert your UE’s effortlessly as you move throughout your day.

The special design of the UE CSX series uses the same exceptional technology as the Pro series but extends access to non-professionals who want extraordinary professional sound or professionals who demand the same sound whether on or off stage.

UE Pro will always be the right choice for your on-stage performances, but when you’re ready to leave your UE PRO in-ear monitor on stage, let us know and we’ll help get you into a new UE CSX for everyday listening.


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