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Our guest post this time out is from Sudwyn Munshi. Besides for being intactly involved in the shell detailing process at Ultimate Ears, Sudwyn is a Los Angeles based producer, engineer, and let’s not forget musician.

One thing that I can do outside of the studio, whether at home, my local coffee shop, bookstore, etc. is mix. I do sometimes like the change of pace and it’s nice to get out and see the sun once in a while. When I do mix off-site, I do use high quality headphones or in-ear monitors. It’s all about translation. What I hear in my headphones when mixing is what I want to hear when I pop that CD into my car stereo or transfer that mix to my iPhone.

The ways I achieve that are by using those high quality in ears and utilizing reference tracks. Reference tracks allow me to really learn my studio monitors as well as my in-ear monitors. The less I have to continually remix, the better.

I’ve had the opportunity recently to use Ultimate Ears’ Reference Remastered in-ear monitors and find that I can definitely achieve that translation I’m looking for. I do have to admit that I’ve been a fan of Ultimate Ears for some time now being that I’ve been a user of the no longer available Triple Fi in-ear monitors. Prior to using the Reference Remastered monitors, my Triple Fi buds were my go-to for off-site mixing. I’ve always appreciated the clarity that I’ve had with the Triple Fi monitors.

Mixing with headphones is not necessarily the ideal way to mix but when faced with certain limitations, headphones may be the only option.

For me, the Triple Fi in-ear monitors give me enough of the low, mid and high frequencies I need to get where I’m going. The Triple Fi in ears have always served me well and the Reference Remastered monitors will serve me just as well, if not even better. Again, for me, it’s all about translation and these will provide me with just that. If I’m out of the studio, these will continue to be my “go-to’s”. 

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