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Tory Choi Ultimate Ears UE Dealer

What’s the history behind Solid Sound Solution? When did the company start?

Actually, I am the main person in Solid Sound Solutions. I used to work in the K-POP Genre where I have worked with more than 100 artists as FOH mixer and studio mixer. Here in the USA, I've worked with many shows like NHL, LA LAKERS, Dj snake etc. Right now I am mixing the LA LA Land World Tour.

Eventually, they asked about buying In-Ear Monitors, microphones, speakers, installations etc even though I was just their mixing engineer. So decided to start my own company. Solid Sound Solution was started Jan 2016.


Tells us more about your attention to customer service.

Because I have a lot of friends who works in this industry I have gotten a great start. I also invest my profits into growing my business and providing excellent customer service. My customers are extremely happy now and they are spreading the word on how good Ultimate Ears are. This is my strategy and customer service plan.


What’s been your favorite UE product or development?

When I tried the UE PRO Remastered. I was really impressed. It’s so very accurate and flat like it and bought it, In terms of live monitor mixer situation I think the UE 11 PRO is the greatest.


Lastly, what can UE customers expect when they visit Solid Sound Solution?

I am still actively mixing so many mixing projects. That means that I have an actual session file and sources to audition. We can take our time, listen and discuss Ultimate Ears different product offerings. This is a great opportunity for the people who considering which In-Ear is best for them. You can find Solid Sound Solution through their Facebook page:
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