Salim–Sulaiman: "Ultimate Ears made a big difference to our entire sound"

Custom in-ear monitors in India. Siblings Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant work under the name Salim–Sulaiman. They are an Indian composer duo predominantly for Hindi films.

siblings Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant Salim-Sulaiman Indian composer duo

Why did you decide to transition from wedges to in-ear monitors in general?

I felt I was always singing loud! The quieter parts of the song were never soft & precise. With In-ears it’s a different deal altogether, my pitching & tonality is way better.


What was the tipping point? When did you finally have enough of the wedge?

I would always lose my voice post the concert. The next would be hard to speak even forget singing. Feedback was another issue.


How do in-ear monitors fit into your setup? Meaning how do you use them?

It’s just made a big difference to our entire sound, nobody uses wedges now, the stage is quieter and there no bleeds whatsoever. We have a monitor engineer who sets up our in-ear mix to our balance and taste.


What’s in your mix?

My voice, keys, bass , guitar and a bit of drums.


How did in ear monitors improve your performance?

Made it precise, dynamic & emotional!


What is your favorite thing about Ultimate Ears, fit, isolation, sound quality, and why?

All of the above & above all it creates a beautiful vibe which makes being on stage inspiring & effortless.


What are your thoughts on universal-fit in-ears versus customs?

I prefer my UE’s as they fit in beautifully because they are impressions/ moulds of my own ear


Anything else you would like to mention about in-ear monitors and UE?

They are just awesome! 

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