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Audique was founded by Marcel Peters in 1989 and started with personal moulded hearing protection for the music industry. That tradition continues to this day.

In 1997 they started selling Ultimate Ears. Since 2001 they have been an official distributor for UE, so they were there from the very beginning.

Audique sells Ultimate Ears products in The Netherlands and Belgium. They work with 75% of the well known artists in those countries. The people that work with Audique are all certified audiologists. They are well known in the professional music industry, Because of the high quality of the UE-products, they exclusively sell UE.

Ultimate Ears wants to thank Marcel and everyone for their continued support of all these years! Their enthusiasm about the product, attention to detail and genuine desire to please customers and provide them with the help and support they need is contagious! It has made them stand out among the best!

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