Mike Dawson from The Adam Carolla Show says Sound Tap is "Freaking Awesome"

Mike Dawson and Chris Laxamana of the Adam Carolla Show reviewed the UE Sound Tap on Chris Laxamana’s The Water Cooler podcast, episode #061. - Listen to the full episode here

Adam Carolla Show Mike Dawson Ultimate Ears UE

Dawson says, “If you are a fucking stage drummer or a bar drummer and you have Ultimate Ears then number 1 - you need this thing!”

“It’s a 5x6x2 box that works as a patch to your in-ear monitors. It takes a speakon cable or an XLR. You can plug it right into the audio chain of monitors and it works as a through so you’re not affecting any of the audio that the sound man is doing - all you’re doing is plugging into his chain.”

“It’s unparalleled. It’s easy. It’s battery powered. It takes a couple of 9 Volts. You’ve got an input level, you’ve got a master volume and most importantly you’ve got a jack for your Ultimate Ears.”

“This thing retails at around $250 bucks. Its got a good weight to it. It feels good and solid.”

“We demoed it at NAMM and it’s freakin awesome!”

Check out Mike unboxing on Twitter : https://twitter.com/DawsAngeles/status/834541131358576640 

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