Looking for the Best Studio Tools? DJ Times calls the UE RR "Amazingly Good at Revealing Defects."

Tools for the Studio: In-Ear Monitors

I loved them. they’ve gone with me everywhere I go: on airplanes when I travel, in my studio, and even during some DJ sets

The “Remastered” version of the IEMs has a number of changes over the original Reference Monitor IEMs; while still using a trio of balanced armature drivers, the updated model incorporates a silicone waveguide to ensure proper phase alignment. Frequency response has been expanded some on the high-end, while input sensitivity is slightly reduced, requiring a tad more gain.

As before, I find that the IEMs are amazingly good at revealing defects. Poor mixing, poor mastering, the negative effects of audio compression, and many other flaws suddenly stand out like a sore thumb, as they say. But that’s really the point: when used in a studio setting, you want to be able to hear what’s wrong in your mix, and trust me—if you’re anything like me, hear it you will with these custom IEMs. As I said in my original review, I was able to isolate and fix problems in my own tracks that I simply didn’t (or couldn’t) hear before.

Read the full review of how The UE Remaster fits into a DJ's workflow here: 

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