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Larry the O has worn many, many hats in the music world. He plays drums,. He’s written for publications such as Mix and Electronic Musician. And did we mention he is a technology wizard and a world class programmer. Heck, he even worked sound on the remake of “The Gumby show!

How did you find out about UE?

Ultimate Ears was a pioneer of in-ear monitoring. When UE first appeared back in 1995, it was an entirely new concept that attracted substantial interest in the live sound community. Having been a performer nearly my whole life, as well as having been a live sound engineer, I heard about UE right away and went to their booth at the NAMM show to find out what in-ear monitoring was all about.


Tell us some of your thoughts about Ultimate Ears?

In-ear monitoring appeared in the professional arena well before earbuds became ubiquitous in the consumer market for listening to music on mobile devices. For performers, Ultimate Ears’ long experience means mature technology that delivers much better fidelity and audibility than typical slant monitors, plus isolation from stage noise.

When earbuds did explode onto the scene, UE’s mature technology was quite naturally adapted for consumer applications. Consumers immediately gained the benefits of the company’s long experience in designing and building in-ear systems. All of the competition has had to play catch-up!

Ultimate Ears fully embraced the needs of both consumers and professionals. The company has combined their expertise with Logitech’s to create new consumer products. For example the UE Boom series, as well as professional products like the UE Pro Reference monitor for studio use.Ultimate Ears is not just for performers anymore! You can read the full interview here: Larry the O | Longform Interview.

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