Jim Feeney uses UE11 PRO for all band members on IEMs


Jim Feeney is the Monitor Engineer and Tour Manager for CSS, the first South American band to be signed to Sub Pop Records. We had the chance to catch up with Jim and ask him a a few audio-related questions.

Hi Jim, thank you for taking time out of your day to talk with us. I know how busy you are (especially since you’re wearing the TM hat as well) so let’s get right into it. How did you end up where you are? When did you first start mixing?

I started working for music producer Machine in Hoboken NJ in 2004. I worked as his assistant for about 2 years until we did the Lamb Of God “Sacrament” record and they asked me to come on the road as the Monitor Engineer on the Gigantour with Megadeth. My 1st live mix was in some Ginormo dome in the midwest of the US somewhere for 5,000 kids and it went GREAT! Needless to say, I stuck with it and here I am now talking to you.


What was your first experience with wireless and with in-ear monitors like?

My 1st IEM experience was a scary one. I was working a one-off for a local NYC production company and the band was super particular about their ears. Sound check was a bit hectic but just like all engineers do everyday, I did my best to make them as happy as possible. The show went great and the band was very happy with my mix and offered me the Monitor Engineer position, which I politely declined.


What was the hardest lesson to learn?

Don’t miss a flight and BE EARLY!


What systems do you use on this tour?

I am currently using the UE11’s for all the band members on IEM with the Sennheiser G3 wireless systems and a Yamaha LS9 console. The LS9 is perfect for the size of venues we are in being the footprint is so small.


What’s your favorite tool that you rely on daily?



What would you change right now if you could?

More days off on this next tour.


And lastly, what advice can you share with up-and-coming engineers?

Work hard and trust your ears.

Thank you Jim.

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