Introducing Ultimate Ears CSX Custom Earphones


You love music and you know what it’s like to get lost in every layer and tone while performing. How do you take that experience off stage? With our new UE CSX line up of custom earphones.

Our UE CSX style is designed for everyday wear. It’s easier to take in and out of your ears and can be worn for longer periods of time with even more comfort. Use your UE PRO in-ear monitors for professional rigorous stage use and your UE CSX Custom earphones for leisure listening, work, fitness, and travel.

UE CSX vs UE PRO canal length

UE CSX-Fit shorter canal goes to the first bend. UE PRO-Fit longer canal goes to the second bend.

The UE CSX line still represents everything that you expect from Ultimate Ears. They are handcrafted in our lab at Irvine by the same team who makes our PRO in-ear monitor models with the same internal components and sound engines. They’re just now made with a fit for everyday use.

UE PRO will always be the right choice for your on-stage performances, but when you’re ready to leave your UE PRO in-ear monitor on stage, let us know and we’ll help get you into a new UE CSX for everyday listening.


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