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So you want transition to in-ear monitors but you're not 100% ready to make the full investment...

Here's the easiest way to give in-ear monitoring a try without having to worry about buying wireless in ear monitoring systems or without feeling overcommitted.

Ultimate Ears UE Sound Tap

Pick up Ultimate Ears Sound Tap at your local dealer or directly from UE and use any headphones, earbuds, or in-ear monitors that you have to get a sense of just how easy this really can be for you to exponentially boost your performance.

How UE Ultimate Ears Sound Tap Works

Walk up to any sound source at your next gig or practice rehearsal and tap into the sound.

Ultimate Ears UE sound tap

Plug in and play!

Learn more about Sound Tap here.

Take your performance to the next level. Let us help design a personal solution just for you.

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