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I’ve been on the fence about getting customs. I am unsure because I’ve never used them and I know you can’t return them. They are a really big investment and I am scared. Be straight with me.

What are the benefits of getting custom IEMs?

First let me say that I know it’s a scary leap to take. I’m sure that while people (including myself) will tell you, once you get customs IEMs there is no going back, that’s probably helping your anxiety. So, let me give it to you straight.

Here are some quick and dirty bullet points of advantages, as I see them:

  • Hearing protection (if you use them correctly).

  • Improved and consistent sonic clarity. Hear new detail in sound and music.

  • Less vocal fatigue (if you are a singer), no more screaming over amps on stage.

  • Stage feedback is minimized.

  • Noise isolation - Great for traveling!

  • Outrageous comfort and unsurpassed fit.

  • Less ear fatigue. You will listen at lower volumes with IEMs over other headphones.

If you are a musician, studio or live engineer, DJ, audiophile or even a gamer, you will definitely see and hear the benefits by switching to custom IEMS. Though some of the above advantages will apply to you more than others.

This all sounds pretty good right? Ok here’s the catch. you will have to make an appointment with an audiologist to get your impressions made first. Impressions are moulds taken of your ear canal, that’s how we make them fit perfectly for you and only you. Visiting the audiologist is a unique experience for sure, but it’s not something to stress about. The good news is you can reuse your impressions for more than one pair of IEMs. Check out our guide to getting ready for your appointment here. You’ll be glad you did.

Custom IEMs also provide great noise isolation dividends. For a lot of people this is a big part of the appeal. Some people (me) keep them in without out music just for the isolation. Also, as the background noise level goes down, the perceived detail of music goes up. Without outside sound overpowering the nuances of your music, you can also listen at lower volumes. Your ears will definitely thank you for that.

Once you’ve experienced what custom-molded headphones can do, it’s hard to settle for universal-fit headphones.

Another outstanding advantage of custom earphones is how well they fit. And UE’s 3D printing process makes the fit even better than ever. No doubt it can feel really strange at first, but they will stay in place super snugly. No more fussing with your earphones to get a good seal. A bad seal is the #1 reason people complain about not enough bass in their headphones.

Then, there is the almost total isolation from your surroundings. You can be riding the noisiest subway and still be lost in your own world. The fit is that good. Some people worry about feeling too isolated on stage with IEMs. IEMs provide around -26db sound reduction and that is a lot, however, you can always have an ambient port put in that will reduce to around -15db and not make you feel anywhere near as isolated.

Once you’ve experienced what custom-molded headphones can do, it’s hard to settle for universal-fit headphones. And of course, you can feel free to contact us anytime with more questions.
We are always happy to help! 

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