How to Keep your Ultimate Ears Clean and Happy

Keeping your Ultimate Ears clean shouldn't be a hassle



We all know that wax happens, especially on the road. You can take steps to keep your Ultimate Ears clean and happy. 

Everyday cleaning is best accomplished by the the cleaning tool that ships with the IEMs. However, if your Ultimate Ears are in need of some serious attention, that’s when a deep cleaning is in order. Contact Ultimate Ears or your UE dealer to have your monitors sent in for a thorough testing and cleaning.


How to clean your Ultimate Ears UE monitors


UE is also developing a new cleaning kit. It’s a complete solution for keeping your UE's in top condition at any point while you’re on the road. As well as cleaning, the kit will also let you diagnose frequency problems, even if the UE's you are testing are not molded for your ears. It also includes tools including super glue to do an emergency quick fix of the wire connection to the IEM. We think it’s something every road crew should have handy. We are excited to hear your feedback and suggestions.



In the cleaning kit you will find the following:
  1. Super Glue

  2. Accelerator

  3. Blue Stick Reusable Adhesive Putty

  4. Stethoscope

  5. Tech-care Earmold Cleaner

  6. Sand paper

  7. Brush

  8. Pair of Pliers

  9. Metal Cleaning tool

  10. Tweezers

Steps for cleaning:
  1. Clean IEMs with Tech-care solution and dry towel

  2. Ask the user what issue they are having with their UE Pros

  3. Choose a song you are familiar with for referencing the frequency response

  4. Use the included Stethoscope to listen

  5. Use included putty to seal the opening you are not using. This cause a seal making your trouble shooting of the drivers accurate

  6. Connect the stethoscope the bass opening of the LEFT IEM first This will be the bottom opening

  7. Check the high drivers next. This will be the top opening on the UE Pro

  8. Turn IEM upside down and clean out any wax. By turning IEM upside down this allows loose wax to fall out

  9. Use the includes pliers to bend the cleaning tool into a shape that will make it easier to fix in the canal of the IEM (you can bend it straight again when finished.

  10. If you are having trouble using the long tool, try the small needles.

  11. When cleaning tap the IEM, this will also help to loosen wax caught inside.

  12. As a LAST RESORT ONLY you can use the tool to poke a hole in the dampener

  13. If you are having trouble with the cable connection you can use the enclosed super glue to attach the cable to the IEM as emergency fix


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