How to keep a tight seal as a drummer.

Sometimes my UE Pro IEMs break their seal when I start to make those drummer faces ( totally my fault, def not the UE Pro). Do you have any suggestions for me to keep that seal intact while I’m drumming?

It can be heard to keep the seal going when you’re thrashing around behind the kit. And you are not alone. The Who had to duct tape Keith Moon headphones to his head when he played. Luckily you don’t have to go that far.

IEMs need to work for drummers and vocalists and everyone has different ear anatomy and make different faces when performing. Some drummers and some singers ( and even some guitarists) are affected differently. Bass players don’t usually have this problem as they are usually making duck face while holding it down (I’m kidding here but I had Bill Wyman on the brain). So we have two solutions available to you.
  1. We can add more material to the aperture to make them fit tighter and that may help most of the outrageous faces.
  2. The second thing is (drumroll please — yes! bad joke intended) The Comply Strip . You add this little sticky foam wraps around the canal and replace when needed. Guaranteed to tighten up the seal for even the best intense face out there.

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