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Hermes Music started with a musician’s simple dream. He had a vision of giving other musicians the experience he would have liked to had when went looking for an instrument to make his living: excellent service, fair prices, and most importantly… respect.

Some dreams do really come true! What began as a small music store in McAllen, TX turned into one of the largest and most respected distribution companies for audio, lighting, and musical instruments in the world. Hermes Music is always thinking about those who truly matter… the musicians, the engineers, the producers, and most importantly… the dreamers. 

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What’s the history behind Hermes Music?

Hermes Music was established in 1982 in McAllen Texas focusing on the unmet needs of artists and musicians. The operations expanded and a great distribution center was opened on Pharr Texas to satisfy the latin-american market needs. A success factor for Hermes Music in the mexican market was the deep understanding of difficulties in order to get instruments and high quality equipment at affordable prices to the mexican musician and to the music industry in general. After Hermes Music entered the mexican market operations expanded getting to achieve national distribution of musical instruments, lighting and audio gear and also opening many service centers along the country. Today Hermes Music distributes more than 50 stores in several cities of Mexican Republic together with the 5 stores in Weslaco, Mc Allen, Houston, Bronwsville & Pharr, Texas in the USA

Hermes Music se estableció en 1982 en McAllen Texas, centrándose en las necesidades no satisfechas de los artistas y músicos. Las operaciones se expandieron y un gran centro de distribución se abrió en Pharr Texas para satisfacer las necesidades del mercado de América Latina. Un factor de éxito para Hermes Music en el mercado mexicano fue el profundo conocimiento de las dificultades al conseguir instrumentos y equipos de alta calidad a precios asequibles, tanto para los músicos como para la industria de la música mexicana en general. Después de que Hermes Music entró en operaciones en el mercado mexicano se expande hasta llegar a lograr una distribución nacional de instrumentos musicales y equipos de audio e iluminación junto con la apertura de muchos centros de servicio a lo largo del país. Hoy Hermes Music distribuye más de 50 tiendas en varias ciudades de la República Mexicana, junto con 5 tiendas en Weslaco, Mc Allen, Houston, Bronwsville y Pharr Texas en los EE.UU. 

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Hermes Music has been around for a long time. The headphone market really has developed since then and you’ve been at the forefront of all the changes. What has kept Hermes fresh and ahead of the curve?

Our company is distinguished on offering the best quality in every product along with warranty and technical support. We are prepared to cover all the new needs they have in order to keep on going with the accelerated technical improvements along years.

Nuestra empresa se distingue en ofrecer la mejor calidad en todos los productos, junto con garantía y soporte técnico. Estamos preparados para cubrir todas las nuevas necesidades del mercado con el fin de mantenernos a la par de los adelantos tecnológicos que se implementan a lo largo de años.

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What’s been your favorite UE product or development?

Since we are new on this partnership with UE is the first time we have the chance to know and interact with UE’s product. We are so far confident that all of your products will be our favorites from now on.

Debido a que estamos iniciando nuestra relación con UE, es la primera vez que tenemos la oportunidad de conocer e interactuar con sus productos pero estamos seguro de que todos sus productos serán nuestros favoritos de ahora en adelante. 

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What can UE customers expect when they visit Hermes?

When customers visit us They have the chance to meet with a trained team of musicians and professionals of the entertainment industry that will provide the best customer experience they can get in Mexico.
Cuando los clientes nos visiten se reunirán con un equipo capacitado de músicos y profesionales de la industria del entretenimiento que proporcionarán la mejor experiencia que el cliente pueden conseguir en México.
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