Fischer Amps | Osterburken, Germany

Fischer Amps have more than 10 years of experience in pro audio and are the go to speciality suppliers for solutions for sound engineers and artists.


From the outset, Fischer Amps have worked day and night to ease the work for artists and their sound engineers, letting them focus on their performance and joy of music when playing live. From hard wired rechargeable body backs to the Bass-Shaker, a sub that is mounted to the drum throne, allowing the drummer to feel the beat intensively while remaining remain easy on the ears.

Fischer Amps are constantly developing new products which satisfy the requirements on stage and feature outstanding reliability. 

Fischer Amps Audio Ultimate Ears UE Dealer Germany

Here’s a terrific short interview with Jochen Fischer (Founder and CEO of Fischer amps) and Mike Dias (Sales Dir of UE) talking about the collaboration between the two companies, Fischer Audio’s amazing rack mounted recharging stations for stage, and UE’s new 3D ear scanning technology. Wild stuff!!

You can watch the video here:

You can learn more about Fischer Audio and Hearing Berlin in our earlier spotlight on them.

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