Find Your Perfect Pair: UE CSX Earphones

Find Your Perfect Pair: UE CSX Earphones
Not sure which UE CSX earphones to get? Learn about the distinct sound signatures of all five models and find out which fits your style.



The Ultimate Ears CSX range contains five different models of custom-fitted earphones, each engineered and precision-tuned for a distinct sound signature. But, when it comes to choosing one, how do you know which is right for you?


In this blog, we’ll break down the differences between each of our CSX models to help you find the perfect match, no matter what type of music you listen to. But first, let’s start with an overview of the line.



Ultimate Sound and Comfort


UE CSX earphones are available in five different models:


UE LIVE CSX: The Best Of The Best—Clarity, Detail And Plenty Of Bass

UE 18+ CSX: Ultra-pure Audiophile Sound With Extra Headroom

UE 11 CSX: Extended Low-end Response For Bass-heavy Music

UE 7 CSX: Extra Midrange Detail For Vocals And Acoustic Instruments

UE 5 CSX: Balanced Sound For All-purpose Listening


From the flagship UE LIVE to the classic UE 5, each CSX model offers ultra-detailed sound, 26dB of superior isolation from outside noise, unsurpassed comfort and a lightweight, portable design. All of our earphones are handcrafted and personally assembled by skilled technicians, using different combinations of custom-tuned drivers to create their signature sound.


Most conventional earbuds contain a single dynamic driver, which is essentially a miniature speaker cone in your ear. While one driver can cover most of the frequency spectrum, it’s much more efficient to use multiple drivers for different frequency ranges, which is why almost all hi-fi speakers feature a separate woofer and tweeter. When the sound is split between multiple drivers like this, each one can perform ideally in its respective range.


UE CSX earphones take this design principle even further, combining up to eight proprietary drivers. Instead of the speaker cone-type drivers found in most earbuds, UE earphones feature balanced armature drivers, which are specially tuned to resonate at specific frequencies. When used in combination, they can produce extremely clear, detailed sound across the entire frequency spectrum. Additionally, UE LIVE features a traditional dynamic driver for extra bass impact.




What Will You Be Using Them For?



The first step in choosing your UE CSX earphones is to think about what kind of music you listen to most and what kind of sound signature would best enhance your listening experience. Think of it like pairing wine with a meal—it’s all about finding complementary flavors.


Whatever you listen to, we’ve got a pair for you. Plus, all CSX earphones come with our IPX Bluetooth cable, which allows you to use our app to further customize your sound profile. You’ll also receive our IPX Auxiliary Mic cable and a custom-engraved carrying case. Read on to learn more about what makes each model sound different.


UE LIVE CSX: The Best Of The Best—Clarity, Detail And Plenty Of Bass



If you’re the kind of music lover who won’t settle for anything but the best, our flagship UE LIVE CSX earphones won’t disappoint. We took everything we’ve learned from building the world’s finest in-ear monitors for A-list performers and created an earphone that delivers the perfect blend of detail and musicality.


The UE LIVE uses an array of eight specialized drivers, including six balanced armatures tuned to specific frequency ranges. A dedicated True Tone Plus driver for the highest frequencies ensures crystal-clear treble response without a hint of harshness. A 6mm miniature subwoofer provides extra bass impact that makes you feel like you’re in the front row.


 UE 18+ 

UE 18+ CSX: Ultra-pure Audiophile Sound With Extra Headroom



The UE 18+ is an audiophile’s dream. From the quietest pianissimo passages of a symphony to the most bombastic big-band jazz, these earphones reproduce every detail with stunning dynamic range. It’s as close as you can get to listening to the original masters of your favorite music. These attributes also make the UE 18+ an excellent choice for music production, so you can hear your work as it truly is.


How did we do it? First, a four-way crossover divides the sound into low, low-mid, high-mid and high-frequency bands. Proprietary balanced armature drivers precision-tuned to each range ensure peak performance from 5 Hz to 40 kHz. Dual low- and high-frequency drivers (for a total of six) allow more efficient operation, which means higher headroom and an almost nonexistent noise floor.


UE 11


UE 11 CSX: Extended Low-end Response For Bass-heavy Music



Can’t get enough bass? If you love to feel the impact of an 808 in a hip-hop track or the thunder of heavy metal drums, the UE 11 CSX is for you. These earphones combine the clear, detailed sound that Ultimate Ears is famous for and adds extended low-end response and sheer bass power for an extra-full sound.


The UE 11 CSX features four balanced armature drivers and a three-way crossover. Why the mismatch? Because two of those drivers are just for the bass! Dedicated mid- and high-frequency drivers ensure that the rest of the sound is just as crisp and clear as you’d expect from Ultimate Ears.


UE 7 

UE 7 CSX: Extra Midrange Detail For Vocals And Acoustic Instruments



Perfect for lovers of pop and rock, our UE 7 CSX earphones are tuned to deliver punchy, in-your-face sound that highlights vocals and instruments (especially guitars) with unmatched power and detail. Originally designed to help professional vocalists and lead instrumentalists hear themselves clearly on loud stages, the UE 7 CSX also delivers great speech intelligibility for phone calls, web conferences and listening to podcasts.


Because our ears are most sensitive to midrange frequencies, we can hear the most detail in that range. That’s why UE 7 CSX features dual midrange drivers: one provides articulation in the high-mid range, while the other fills out the low-mid “body” of the sound with a tight bass response that never sounds “muddy.” A dedicated high-frequency driver ensures crystal-clear treble.


 UE 5 

UE 5 CSX: Balanced Sound For All-purpose Listening



The UE 5 CSX is a no-nonsense earphone that brings any genre of music to life with balanced sound and incredible detail across the frequency spectrum. A big step up from any traditional headphones or earbuds, this model provides excellent sound, comfort and passive noise isolation for everyday listening.


The key to this balanced sound is a dual-driver design with a two-way crossover to separate the low and high frequencies. The two proprietary balanced armature drivers are precision-tuned to deliver full low-end, rich midrange and crystal-clear highs.

Still not sure which UE CSX earphones to get? Take this brief quiz to help you find the right model for you, browse our support page or reach out to our support team by submitting a request here. We’ll do everything we can to help you find your perfect pair.

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