Everyone Always Wants to Hear Your Custom In-Ear Monitors

Everyone Always Wants to Hear Your Custom In-Ear Monitors

How do you explain to someone how your Ultimate Ears sound? Words can’t really capture the essence of what you hear and it’s not like you can let someone listen to your set. That’s the whole point — they were made just for you. But that doesn’t stop you from wanting to share.

But let’s be honest. Going to an audiologist to get fit for earphones isn’t for everyone. You have to be totally committed to your professional craft, right?

That’s why we created our new CSX line of custom earphones. The CSX series is designed for everyday and longer wear, perfect for leisure listening, travel, fitness or work.

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With our revolutionary FitKit, anyone can now take impressions at home — at their leisure — to get their own set of custom-made earphones. The at-home Fitkit uses patented gel-filled molding tips to create impressions that are designed to enter as far as the first bend of the ear canal. By not entering as deeply into the ear, this allows you to remove or insert your UE’s effortlessly as you move throughout your day.

The CSX line still represents everything that you expect from Ultimate Ears. They are handcrafted in our lab at Irvine by the same team who makes our PRO models. They have the same internal components and sound engines as your PRO unit. They’re just made for everyday use.

UE Pro will always be the right choice for your on-stage performance, but for your manager, friends, and family we definitely recommend our new CSX custom earphones to them. That’s the right fit.


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