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Hearing Music is the exclusive dealer of Ultimate Ears in Ireland. The are located in Dublin at 10 Wicklow St, Dublin 2 . Hearing Music and its sibling store The Listening Suite provide a unique experience featuring both CIEMs and Hi-End HIFI listening. As they put it;

“The crossover between hifi and CIEM customers is really interesting, both feed each other. Hifi clients love the custom element of ear monitors whilst many CIEM customers have never experienced true hi end hifi so it triggers another musical journey for them.”

If you are in Dublin or even passing through you need to do yourself a favor and swing by.

What’s the history behind Hearing Music? When did the company story?

Setup in 2010 by Jonathan Ford, Hearing Music provides customers with pro audio industry expertise. Jonathan started as a studio runner and then progressed on to be an assistant sound engineer in Windmill Lane Recording Studios in the 1990’s, gaining experience by assisting on sessions with artists such as U2, Mark Knopfler, Metallica, The Chieftains and Nick Cave to name but a few.

Moving to live sound at the age of 19 Jonathan was on his first world tour at the age of 21 as Front of House Engineer for Riverdance the Show. He continued arena touring for several years across Europe and Asia, moving then to touring with theatre sized shows across Europe and the US.

Hearing Music Ireland Ultimate Ears Dealer

Jonathan now specialises in mixing acoustic music such as orchestras, traditional and folk music. His client list consists of musicians and artists such as LAPD, Philip Glass, Liam O’Flynn, Paul Simon, Buena Vista Social Club, Courtney Pine, Colm Wilkinson, and orchestras including the RTÉ Symphony and Concert Orchestra, Orchestra of Scottish Opera, Wexford Festival Opera, & The Orchestra of Ireland.

“During my time touring and working with musicians I found they were being advised by audiologists regarding their hearing. Whilst this in itself is correct the one thing the audiologists didn’t understand is what the musician wanted to hear in a musical and emotional sense. This is my reason for starting Hearing Music, to assist artists and musicians get the correct in ear monitors and the appropriate amount of hearing protection. Working as a Sound Engineer for 22 years allows me understand what musicians want and I am able to communicate with them in their language and thought. The key question every musician and artist ask is "If I want to hear x, y and z what is the most appropriate in ear monitor or earplug for me?” Hearing Music provides the answer.

Hearing Music is attached to The Listening Suite, Can you tell us about that? It looks like a music lover’s dream. How did you bring those two ideas together?

Having started Hearing Music in 2010 I went into business with David Browne another Sound engineer in 2012 to start The Listening Suite. We had always discussed opening a high end hifi store in Dublin. We are located in the heart of the city centre and business is thriving. I really wanted to locate Hearing Music within The Listening Suite so as to bring the synergy of high end Hifi and high end IEM’s together. Both are specialised areas and require expertise presenting them. The crossover between hifi and CIEM customers is really interesting, both feed each other. Hifi clients love the custom element of ear monitors whilst many CIEM customers have never experienced true hi-end hifi, so it triggers another musical journey for them. Everyone is listening to music through many different ways and having Hearing Music located within The Listening Suite gives customers more opportunities to explore the musical and emotive qualities of hi-end listening. An important element for Hearing Music customers is they can experience the Ultimate Ears range of IEM’s in the heart of Dublin city, in a comfortable, luxurious store with no distractions.


What’s been your favorite UE product or development?

My favourite UE development is 3D manufacturing. This brought a star quality to UE’s customer service. My favourite product is the UE11. These cover every musicians requirement and are my goto IEM for customers looking to experience CIEM’s for the first time.


Lastly, what can UE customers expect when they go to Hearing Music?

  • With over 22 years experience in live sound design and touring Hearing Music offers Ultimate Ears customers the comfort of knowledge and expertise when choosing their UE IEM.
  • We provide free consultation on all of UE’s custom in ear monitors and custom musician earplugs.
  • We have the range of Ultimate Ears products available to demo in store.
  • We are qualified to take ear impressions.
  • We are qualified to do hearing tests.
  • We hold British Society of Audiology certificates in Otoscopy, Ear Impression taking and Audiometry.
  • We are qualified to provide Hearing Protection consultation based upon the Control of Noise at work regulations.
  • All of our services are available in store or on location.
Website: http://www.hearingmusic.ie/
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