Does Weight Change Affect the Fit of My IEMs?

Is it true that your ears keep growing the older you get? And doesn’t that affect how your in-ears fit? I don’t want to have to keep buying new sets just because I’m getting older.

Despite what you may have heard, your ears don’t keep growing as you get older. Sure, your body changes and some things get droopier than others but overall, your ear structure is what it is.

And let’s not forget, there’s just more of you to love.

Having said that, your ears can change with excessive weight fluctuations. For every 10 pounds that you either gain or lose, you do run the risk of having your in-ear monitors feel tighter or looser than normal. With a 10 pound change, it’s possible that you may compromise your seal and lose your low-end response. With a 20 pound fluctuation, you’re highly likely to experience this problem. And that means you’re probably going to need to make an in-ear fit adjustment.

Luckily — there is an easy solution to all of this. We’re only talking about fractions of millimeters and these adjustments can be fixed at our lab. If weight gain causes the monitors to feel too tight, we can buff down the canals and make them more comfortable. If weight loss makes them feel too loose, we can add a few coats of acrylic to the canals in order to thicken them. Reach out to us for a UE out of warranty repair.

This is very similar to applying fingernail polish at the salon. All of the fixes are seamless and the monitors will look and feel brand new. If the weight fluctuations aren’t permanent, we can reverse the process once you are back down to your typical weight. Regardless, you’ll never need to buy new monitors because of fit issues. The only time that you should think about buying new monitors is when you realize that you need backup sets. Then it’s worth considering upgrading to a newer model and using your old sets if and when emergencies happen. But that’s a whole different topic for another week….

Till next time,

The In-Ear Guy

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