DJ Tech Zone: The UE 11 PRO "...are probably the best option to protect your ears.”

From an article on DJ Tech Zone on hearing protection.

A while ago I posted my review of the UE 11 Pro custom in-ear monitors, and to me these are probably the best option to protect your ears.”

Why do I say custom in-ears are the best?

  • Comfort: since they are custom-made for your ears, they should fit perfectly and as such wont strain your ears upon prolonged usage.
  • Volume levels: mixing through custom in-ears has the distinctive advantage that you can fully control the amount of volume that you need, independently of how loud the outside environment is. The UE 11 Pro I reviewed reduce ambient noise with -26 db, enough to keep most of the damaging noise outside.
  • Precision: since you are not depending on monitors or worse, the club installation, the quality of your mix will improve since you are hearing everything right in your ear, with full detail.
  • Freedom: headphones mean that you need to keep adjusting them and/or take them off and put them back on, and that actually means you don’t have always both hands free to work the decks or the mixer. With in-ears, that problem is gone as once they are in, they stay in, unless you have to take them off the check sound levels, or to address questions or requests

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