Depeche Mode rely on UE 18+ Pro

For more than 30 years, Depeche Mode have been on the cutting edge with their mix of electronic pop/rock/new wave and dance music. They have had 17 Top 10 albums in the U.K. charts and sold more than 120 million albums. They are currently on the road for the current Global Spirit tour, which runs until July of 2018. You can read the full story at

Monitor engineer Sarne Thorogood has worked with Depeche Mode for two decades. “For my output mixes,” He says, “ I have 10 stereo IEM’s that include all four techs we have and then myself.” Keyboardist Andy Fletcher is the only band member not on In-ear monitors; he uses stereo wedges.”

For those on IEMs, this tour uses Ultimate Ears UE18+ Pro in ear monitors for everyone.

DEPECHE MODE Steve Jennings

DEPECHE MODE © Steve Jennings

“To be a part of what Depeche Mode deliver night after night around the world still does it for me,” says Thorogood. “Being part of a world-class touring production that can deal with whatever is thrown at it makes me proud… and what great music! Also, a solid crew makes for good touring. I love it!” 

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