Chris Reeve, the drummer from Filter, says "MY UE’S ARE SO RIDICULOUSLY COMFORTABLE AND SOUND AMAZING"

Chris Reeve, the drummer from Filter
"Nothing else on the market compares to the low end and isolation I get from my UE11s. They don't just allow me to hear the intricacies in music, they help me FEEL the music- from traveling, to performing, to relaxing at night, or even just as ear plugs in loud environments."

When and why did you decide to transition from wedges to in-ear monitors in general?

I was playing in a band using a lot of backing tracks and was having trouble hearing the click and tracks with over ear headphones. They were also very constricting.

What was the tipping point? When did you finally have enough of the wedge?

I was doing a lot of studio work and started going home with terrible headaches because I'd always have to have the volume cranked to hear other instruments over my drums acoustically. In ears was the first thought for their isolation. Then I was led to UE11s for the bass response.

How do in-ear monitors fit into your setup? Meaning how do you use them?

My in-ears are used in almost every waking hour of my life. I use them to learn songs for shows and sessions because I can hear all the ghost notes and separation of instruments. Also for traveling to block out noise and relax with a movie or ocean noise. I use them for live performance and in the studio to save my hearing and tune into the parts I want to hear. They also get used at home recreationally, for exercise, for ear plugs at concerts, and even isolation for sleeping with soft music and sound.

Chris Reeve Filter drummer UE

How did they improve your performance?

Night and day to using universal fits and over ears. I can listen at low levels to save my headaches and hearing and can now focus on burying the click and truly locking in with the band. Paired with a tactile monitoring system like the butt kicker or Porter and Davies throne, it feels like the clearest set of 18" monitors next to you that no one else can hear.

What’s in your mix?

I run a little bit of everything in my ears. Predominantly stereo drums and electronic percussion up front (of course)- with a focus on kick drum, bass down the middle and quite hot, guitars panned left and right slightly under bass, vocals down the middle under instruments and tracks/synth running in stereo mixed in under drums. I like to have it sounding very similar to a studio recording.

What is your favorite thing about the product, fit, isolation, sound quality, and why?

My UEs are so ridiculously comfortable and sound amazing. I always giggle when friends tell me they can't wear their (NOT UE) ears for long as they hurt or tickle their ears. I don't feel a thing because they just fit perfectly, especially with the 3D scan. I also can't hear a thing because the isolation is incredible. The bass is flat out the best I've ever heard! We are forever playing the game where we stop at airport headphone stores and compare sounds. Nothing has ever come close to my 11s.

What are your thoughts on universal-fit in-ears versus customs?

Customs are a no brainer, especially for an active performer. As a drummer I need to not be worrying about ears falling out as I move around. The customs CAN'T come out as they are fully molded to my ear. Also the isolation/seal (and therefore bass!) is next level even when compared to universals with great fits. BUT, I do think universal headphones are fantastic. I have some as a backup in the very very sad event where something happens to my customs.

Anything else you would like to mention about in ear monitors and UE?

The quality of UE doesn't just stop at the sound and fit. The team works with you personally to give you the greatest possible product. That goes for everyone as well not just major label acts! I got my first ears years ago before moving to USA when I was playing in local Perth indie bands, and the team put in amazing amounts of time to make sure I was taken care of and happy. From choosing the right model for me, to art design, and re-fits. They truly care about how their products affect your life. That's love!

Chris Reeve


Drummer @officialfilter
Socials : @reevemusic
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