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Axiom Music is a valued dealer of Ultimate Ears in the Boston area. Owner Libor Hadrava is the author of In-depth Rhythm Studies, the owner and head instructor of Axiom Music School, and is a featured educator for DRUM! Magazine, Dream Cymbals, and Vater Percussion.

Here’s a wonderful video he created for drummers and Ultimate Ears:

Where are you located?

Axiom Music is located at 110 Winn Street unit 205A in Woburn, MA
Business hours: By appointment.
Availability: Even tho’ I don’t have set business hours, I am available 24/7 via email or cell 617-852-8089.

What’s the history behind your dealership?

It all started at the winter NAMM 2013 when I was looking into purchasing a pair of In-Ear Monitors. NAMM show being the venue it is known for gave me the perfect opportunity to see every manufacturer of in-ears monitors on the market. I had done my research on the plane from Boston to California and wrote down all the companies to go visit and talk to. Not knowing what to expect I started going down my list methodically. I actually believe that there were still three or more companies on my list to go visit after Ultimate Ears but I never made it there.

The first impression (not my ear-impression yet) was amazing. I was talking to Brian Geller who was definitely one of the nicest people I have ever met. (… and I have met a lot of people) He was very knowledgeable and explained everything about their product. I could even try all of the models of their in-ears without having to swap the monitors.

I was given a set of non-custom (one fits all) UE in-ear monitors and then I could easily switch between all of their models on the touch screen on an iPad in front of me and in real time compare the differences in sound among all of their models listening to my own music from my phone that I am used to. It did not take long after that for me to get a number and wait for my turn to get my ear-impressions done right the way.

Everybody at the UE booth was very passionate about their product and everything they do. I really liked that. After I received my UE In-Ear monitors I could not believe the perfect fit and sound quality that can not be described in words. I started recommending UE to everybody I knew (I believe even my cat would have gotten a pair if she could stand still for her ear impressions). 

Time went by and one day, little over three years after I got my first pair of UE, I was emailing Brian about another customer who is interested in purchasing UE for his band. Brian asked If I would like to become an official UE dealer for New England. Two weeks after that I flew to IRVINE, CA to UE headquarters to get 3D scanner certified.

Now Axiom Music is offering UE Live Demo Unit listening station, complimentary 3D ear scans for all of our customers and In-depth knowledge of UE PRO products.

What’s been your favorite UE product or development?

The one thing I personally value the most as a drummer is the fact that Ultimate Ears IEMs are custom molded to the unique shapes of my ears. I can wear them without bothering me and getting my ears irritated. Because of the perfect fit and their noise reduction they make my drums sound quieter and overall balanced. I use my UE as earplugs every time I practice. Because I am hearing my drums quiet with all the right levels that allows me to focus and work on details and nuances in my playing that I did not and quite honestly could not have noticed before. Without a doubt, Ultimate Ears make my practice time more efficient and exponentially progressive.

When I am practicing with the metronome it is a very quiet and pleasant experience. My Ultimate Ears allow me to use my click at much lower velocity without getting lost, or having the sound of my drums interfere with it.

I can hear every single click much nicer and clearer than ever before. Now I can focus on the time distances of all the notes I am playing against the click, not just my downbeats or whatever values the metronome is keeping. Being able to hear the full body of my click makes it also much easier to practice before, on and after the click for various feels and styles.

When I am recording in my studio my UE allow me to dial in just the perfect mix between the natural and balanced sound of my drums and the track I am listening to so I know ahead of time what my drum parts are going to sound like on the recording. This alone makes creating and tracking drums so much easier and faster.

And even when I am just listening to music I only use my UE18 Pro. They make it feel as if I was in the middle of the studio surrounded by all the musicians on the record I am listening to. UE18 Pro make music go through my body and make me an inseparable part of it. The sound quality truly is unreal.

My other favorite UE model is the UE Reference that I am using for mixing in the studio.

And yes, It is what it sounds like I do use UE for everything I do.

Lastly, what can UE customers expect when they visit you?

Everything I get myself involved with I have to fully understand. That’s my nature. And of course it’s no different when it comes to UE. I visited the UE headquarters in Irvine, CA where I spent two days station by station asking question and observing the whole process that goes into every single pair of UE to fully understand it in details so I will be able to answer any questions.

Having the 3D scanner and the Live Demo unit available at Axiom Music location is an amazing help. It's a true game changer. Complimentary 3D scans to every customer saves them time and money that would have to spend on physical impressions. The listening station allows everybody to experience all of the UE models. Clients can switch between them to hear the difference in real time, while listening to their own music.

Our goal at Axiom Music is to present the client with all the information, and tools needed. We answer all your questions. This will give you the confidence to make the decision on the right UE model on your own. “Hearing is believing.”

And trust me when I say that once you hear the difference UE In-Ear Monitors make. Whether you are a musician or music lover you wont be able to listen to music any other way.

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