Bobby Owsinski is really impressed with the sound of UE PRO Remaster

Ultimate ears’ own Director of Sales, Mike Dias, was recently featured on Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle podcast.

Mike and Bobby chat at legnth about the brand-new reference monitor remastered, the 3-D printing process and the new 3-D scanning technology. If you don’t know the history of UE, you definitely need to check it out. Mike really breaks down the early story the company and how UE’s work. He talks about “Pre-Binning”, this is the process that UE uses to keep the tolerances tight when creating a pair of Ultimate Ears IEMs.


This is what makes the UE’s some of the most “translatable” IEMs you can get anywhere.

Even if you’ve heard it before, it’s a story that just gets better and better.

Spoiler alert! Bobby is really impressed with the sound of the new UE Reference Monitor Remaster. He even comments how he’s hearing things in his own mixes that he would change that were only revealed after listening to the UE RR. Now if that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is!

If you’re not familiar with Bobbi Owsinski’s work you should be. He’s one of the sharpest minds in today’s music business. He is the author of the many celebrated books, including the must have Music 4.1, the Music Producer’s Handbook. He’s one of the stars of and his Inner Cirlcle podcast has a special place of admiration among those in the business today.

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