Bobby Bemis - Worship Leader, Calvary Chapel : "I’ve never left an interaction with UE unsatisfied."

Bobby Bemis - Worship Leader, Calvary Chapel

Bobby Bemis Worship Leader Calvary Chapel

Why did you decide to transition from wedges to in-ear monitors in general?

Here at the church, we were looking to start using click and loops in our live venues. We had all been introduced to them in other various venues and fell in love with the sound quality and ease of use.


What was the tipping point? When did you finally have enough of the wedge?

The wedges started proving themselves obsolete and limited. Creativity was stifled and we could no longer implement some of the ideas we were coming up with. Rehearsals took significantly longer in comparison.


How do in-ear monitors fit into your setup? Meaning how do you use them?

Everyone on our team uses them. Our band uses them with Allen and Heath mixers. Our vocalists use them in conjunction with iPads and the corresponding application.


What’s in your mix?

I’m leading the team, so I have everything pretty balanced. All vocals, rhythm section, click and loop.


How do you think using In-Ear monitors improve your performance?

Man, the personal control is unbelievable. Being able to adjust my settings on the fly without having to wait for my sound technician has been so freeing. The ability to pan different channels left and right creates a much clearer sound. And the reduced stage volume has cleaned up our live mix so much. It’s absolutely no comparison between the two when it comes to professional sound quality.


What is your favorite thing about Ultimate Ears Pro in-ear monitors?

My favorite thing is probably the customer service. Unmatched. The response time and intentionality in meeting the need of the customer has surprised me multiple times. I’ve never left an interaction with UE unsatisfied.


What are your thoughts on universal-fit in-ears versus custom in-ear monitors?

I believe that universal-fit serve a purpose. It still gives you an imitation of what you need at a reduced price. But at the end of the day, the aural health and sound quality that customs offer are an entirely different world.
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