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Ultimate Ears Update

To support local efforts on social distancing, beginning Saturday, March 14, Logitech closed our offices in California, including our production facility in Irvine, CA. Logitech employees and contractors will continue to work from home.

During this time we will not be sending or receiving Fitkits for at-home impression making. If you have a Fitkit in transit or an order pending, our support team will email you with further information on your specific order shortly.

We are committed to supporting the Ultimate Ears community and will fulfill orders to the best of our ability during this time.We will keep you updated as the situation changes, including the exact date the office will reopen.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns at

Due to recent office closures, our turnaround time for processing orders and Fitkits has been affected. We apologize for any inconveniences this may pose and appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time.

Q: What should I do with my Fitkit?

If you still have your Fitkit and haven’t yet sent it back to us, you can either hold onto it until we notify you that our facilities are back up and running or you can contact our support team at to request a new shipping label that will route your Fitkit to a UPS holding facility until we’re able to retrieve it.


Q: I placed an order but my Fitkit hasn’t shipped. When can I expect it?

Due to our office closure, shipping time for Fitkits has been affected. We are doing our best to have Fitkits shipped as soon as possible. We will send out emails to keep you updated, including tracking when your Fitkit ships. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


Q: Are you still taking orders?

We are still processing orders, but due to current circumstances our production capacity is very limited. We expect delays in production and in shipping Fitkits. Our Customer Support team will follow up on each order placed with a better outlook on order timing.


Q: Where do I return my monitors for a refund?

For all return inquiries, please reach out directly to to initiate the return process and receive detailed instructions.


Q: I have my audiologist impressions where do I send them to?

Please reach out to and request a shipping label. This will allow us to route your impressions to the correct location and track delivery in our system for the quickest possible process.


Q: I sent my order in for repair when can I expect it?

We are still processing repairs and working to ship them as quickly as possible, but we are not able to estimate delivery dates at this time. You will receive a shipping notification once your repair order ships.


Q: My Fitkit tips were rejected, will you still be sending out another Fitkit?

Yes, as soon as we are able to resume regular Fitkit shipping we will send you new molding tips or a new Fitkit as needed. We will provide updates as we know more about the date the office will reopen and Fitkits can resume regular processing. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


Q: I need a Fit adjustment, will my 30-day return period be extended?

Yes, if your Fit Adjustment is initiated within the 30-day window, an extended 30-day return window will begin the day you receive your pair of corrected Ultimate Ears.