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Bring Cheer to Every Ear: UE’s Hi-Fi Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for family, feasting, and giving with the ones we love. We’ve made our list and checked it twice: a wonderland of sound awaits your top audiophiles in this gift guide, crafted just for them. From the Festival of Lights to the 12 Days of Christmas, bring cheer to every ear this hi-fi holiday with UE Custom. Ultimate Ears Custom is perfect for those who relentlessly seek the truest, highest-fidelity sound experiences. If the word “audiophile” fails to capture their devotion, if they spend countless hours poring over the latest sound technology, or if their idea of heaven is living in immersive surround sound, then UE Custom is their key to sonic nirvana. Crafted with the same pro...

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Ultimate Ears CSX: Watch the Best in Craft

Proudly designed in California by the experts in sound, UE Custom earphones pass through over 80 touchpoints. Every pair delivers unmatched craftsmanship, true-tailored fit, and an unparalleled studio-quality experience. GET YOUR CUSTOM EARPHONES

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3 Easy Steps to Earphones Like None Other

No Two Ears Are Alike. Finding premium earphones with vibrant sound and perfect fit can be incredibly challenging. Starting with the at-home FitKit, we hand-craft your Ultimate Ears precisely to your unique shape. 3 simple steps is all it takes to finally have studio-sound tailored just for you.

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"The Most Custom Headphones" - A Gizmodo Review

Take a trip with Gizmodo’s Brent Rose to Ultimate Ears HQ in California for a first-hand look at the science, craft, and attention that goes into making every pair of UE CSX earphones. “The precision and craft that goes into making these earbuds is mind-boggling.”Brent Rose, Gizmodo GET YOUR CUSTOM EARPHONES

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