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REV33 TrueSound is a revolutionary audio technology. Reduces ear-fatigue.

REV33 TrueSound is a revolutionary audio technology developed to reduce the harmful effects of ear-fatigue experienced by musicians, sound engineers and casual music listeners. Designed to work with existing in-ear monitors, headphones and earbuds, the REV33 decreases the noise and distortion that is generated as the music plays. In this video we have Taboo from Black Eyed Peas discussing how he works to avoid ear fatigue and how that can affect you in the studio too. Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) -- Love your Ears! from REV33 TrueSound on Vimeo. At Ultimate Ears we are serious about hearing. And a product like the REV33 is a perfect addition to your IEM arsenal.

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Travis Fodor | Ultimate Ears Stories

Travis Fodor is a guitarist, sound designer, and is currently working on the cutting of Virtual Reality. And UE is with him all the way. Travis takes his Ultimate Ears Reference monitors on stage, to the studio and intp whatever kind of virtual world he’s building. As he says… "I know the UE’s are going to bring the clarity I want from my apartment to the venue....moving forward, custom UE’s are the only move for me." Do you use your UE’s when you are doing sound design ? How about when you are playing guitar? Totally. What’s great about the Reference Monitor is that I know I’m going to get a great representation of the sounds I’m working on. Whether...

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