What Are Customers Saying About UE FITS?

What Are Customers Saying About UE FITS?

Everyone looks for something different when searching for the perfect pair of earbuds. And that’s why so many of our five-star reviews of UE FITS highlight different features. Here are a few reviews from FITS’ happiest customers. 


Total Comfort


“Great sounds and great noise cancelling because of the customized fit. I have inner ear piercings and these are the most comfortable fitting earbuds I have ever had. I use them for 7-10 hours daily and have been for a month now without issue.” - Alex S. 


“UE FITS have worked out great for me. The size of the space where a typical earbud goes is too big for off-the-shelf products. These truly work great where others fall out or cause a pressure headache. I can listen for long periods of time comfortably.” - John W. 


“I waited to purchase bluetooth earbuds until a company came out with a custom fit. Everyone’s ears are different so why shouldn’t we have earbuds made specifically for us? They are so comfortable I forget that I am wearing them. Thank you Ultimate Ears, your earbuds really do FIT!” - Joe F.



They Don’t Fall Out


“I have always had trouble with earbuds falling out of my ear. I decided to try UE FITS out and I have not been disappointed. I love having true wireless earbuds that actually fit, sound great and are comfortable for hours! I often forget they are even in my ears!” - Pamela T. 


“These headphones are absolutely amazing! The fact that they mold to your ear gives a perfect fit!! Other popular brand earbuds typically fall out of my ears when doing anything active. But not the UE Fits, they stay in my ears perfectly. I highly recommend UE Fits and absolutely love mine!” - Chris K.


“FINALLY! I have always struggled with earbuds not fitting in my ear. I took a leap and pre ordered UE Fits and they are amazing. I go to the gym and they don’t even move, never mind fall out. The material is amazing as well as the sound quality and bass. I highly recommend them to anyone that has problems with the way other ear buds fit.” - Cody P.

Great Sounding


“Great sounding and fitting true wireless earbuds. The bass is tight, a solid midrange and clear highs. I have had numerous to compare them against and couldn't be happier. I am spoiled by my custom UE 18+ Pros, however most of the time I grab my UE Fits—easy, comfortable and holds a great charge.” - Bill S. 


“Let me preface this by saying I am a huge headphone guy. The UE Fits are a great pair of wireless earbuds. Sound quality and fit are second to none in this category. Pairing works smoothing, and with such a good seal for the ear canal you won’t miss noise cancellation. The perfect headphones for everything from running, working around the house, and listening to music.” - Margaret H.


“These things are great, from the custom molds to the perfect sound! Awesome battery life and I love the bass. You can customize the sound to your liking. I would definitely recommend these bad boys!” - David D.

Excellent Isolation


“The sound isolation is great, the way that it molds to your ears is revolutionary. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for incredible sound in a truly wireless personal fit.” - Mike A. 


“I used Ultimate Ears In-ear monitors as a performer so I am not surprised that these fit and sound great. You don’t need active sound cancellation because the custom fit is so effective.” - Heath H.


“These buds are high quality all around. The fitting process is a unique experience and provides natural sound isolation due to perfect fit. The app also lets the user create a custom mix so the bass, mids, and highs can all be crafted to one’s own personal taste. Like anything UE creates, the sound is pristine.” - Samuel G.



Ready to try for yourself? We offer a perfect fit guarantee and easy 30-day no-questions-asked returns. Learn more and order your own pair of UE FITS here.
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