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Vernetta Jenkins: Broadcast Television Producer and Stage Manager; "Ultimate Ears are worth every single dime you invest and will pay for themselves.”

by Erica Lomotan

Can you tell us a little about what you do?

Hello! My name is Vernetta Jenkins and I am a Broadcast Television Producer and Stage Manager. I specialize in Reality, Talk, Sports, Award Shows having contributed my skills to over 60+ network shows. I am a content provider having sold my own show and I also Stage Manage Corporate Events and Private Parties.

Do you have a background in audio production?

None…whatsoever! LOL! My first grown-up job was with Rogers & Cowan Public Relations. That is where I started my entertainment career. I moved into actual television production the agency way: I worked as an Executive Assistant on an EP’s desk, was then promoted very quickly to a Researcher, then Associate Producer and finally Producer. I’ve been working in the entertainment industry as a Producer ever since. In the past few years, I have added Stage Managing to my mix to increase my marketability.

How you use the UE + Mic in your work?

I was hired to Stage Manage an Award Show in a ginormous arena last year, with MANY musical acts as well as MANY screaming fans. I found myself having difficulty hearing the director’s calls. Luckily, I remembered an associate of mine telling me how they had a UE headset which was modified to work in our industry - with a mic attached to the earbud. I had my the molds done for my ears. I think I must have asked eleventybagillion questions because this was very new in our industry and I had never had any molds done of my ears before. The process was smooth as silk. Within a few weeks, I was the proud owner of modified UE’s.

When I wore them on my next gig, I could hear EVERYTHING CRYSTAL CLEAR…in the loudest of arenas! As a matter of fact, a director on one show actually asked, “Why do we hear you so clearly over all the others in the truck?” As he was looking around my head for my headset, I simply tapped my ear and said, “This new hotness: Modified UE’s!” And what happened next is what happens every single time I wear these across the country: People immediately want to know where do you get ‘em!

And for the ladies: I didn’t have to worry about the old ‘headset hair syndrome’ because of the UE’s fit snugly in and around your ear.

What do you like to have in your monitor mix?

I’m a TV Producer/Stage Manager and am “Miss Creative” all the way, so I’m very challenged when it comes to things like “monitor mix” and whatnot! LOL! What I do know audio wize is usually I will ask our audio guys to turn the gain up a bit for me.


How did you hear about Ultimate Ears?

I WANTED THE BEST! I have many friends who are musicians and singers so I knew what Ultimate Ears were. I thought it was only for their industry. I had no idea that they could also be used in my industry. Luckily, I remembered an associate of mine telling me how they had a UE headset which was modified to work in our industry - with a mic attached to the earbud. And that’s when I met Brady Belavek who changed my audio world when it came to hearing Directors calls!

What have you discovered are some advantages to using In-Ear Monitoring?

Here’s what I would say to anyone who asks that question…and trust me! I am asked this everywhere I work:

I say:

“You know how those rented headsets make it hard to hear the calls and slide off your head all the time if you’re moving fast, plus mess up your hair?? Well, this right here? Solves ALL those issues! You will be able to hear EVERYTHING perfectly in the loudest of arenas with ULTIMATE EARS! You will probably be heard the loudest in the truck…unless there’s anyone else on the channel who also has a UE + Mic. (i.e. ME!) It’s customized for YOU so it always fits perfectly. And, you can even add your own personalized touch with a color on the face. All of it comes in a fancy, schmancy box that…honestly gets a reaction when I pull ‘em out and saddle up for work….priceless! They are worth every single dime you invest and will pay for themselves.” 

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