Using the UE Sound Tap in your Church if you can’t afford a monitoring system

Personal Monitoring on a Budget: Using the UE Sound Tap in your Church if you can’t afford a monitoring system

Countless churches are beginning to realize the benefits of switching from a traditional monitoring system to personal in-ear monitoring for their worship teams. Using in-ear monitoring can open your creative team up to incredible new possibilities, from live backing tracks and metronomes all the way to live music directing from the stage. In addition, switching away from loudspeakers as monitors allow for both clarities of mix and hearing protection.

However, the biggest obstacle in most churches’ eyes to making the jump is the financial burden. For an organization that exists solely on donations, the sticker shock of some personal in-ear monitoring systems is enough to scare many church elders and accountants away. Depending on the size of your team and the infrastructure (or lack of) in place, churches can find themselves spending thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars on monitoring systems. What’s more, these systems can be complicated to setup and use, especially when your team is comprised of mostly volunteers. The “golden triangle” between affordability, functionality, and simplicity can be difficult to find.

Enter the Ultimate Ears Sound Tap.

Ultimate Ears UE Sound Tap

The Sound Tap is a highly simple and affordable personal monitoring direct box that makes it possible for anyone to set up their own in-ear mix. The Sound Tap is literally plug-and-play; everything you need to get started is in the box. It is designed to interface with your current monitoring system, but it can easily be used for a brand new setup.

There are four things that stand out with the UE Sound Tap:

  1. Simplicity - The Sound Tap can be operated by even the most novice of musicians. Simply send an audio feed to the device, flip the power switch, plug in your headphones, and turn the giant volume knob to the desired level. That’s it. There are no complicated menus or hidden settings.
  2. Clarity - Having used monitor systems in the $800-1200 range before, our team was blown away by the sound quality of the Sound Tap. Whether we plugged in a set of UE Pro custom in-ear monitors or a basic entry-level IEM, our musicians were able to hear accurate audio transmission over the entire spectrum - deep, punchy low-end and clear, crisp highs.
  3. Versatility - As an audio engineer, this is my favorite part of the Sound Tap. When you open the box, all the cables you need to get started are included. That is unheard of from just about every other system. Plus, the Sound Tap accepts ¼”, XLR, or Speakon input, which means you can send a line-level, mic-level, or speaker-level signal to the device with no problems. This takes the guesswork out of setting up a system - just unplug your current monitors and add the Sound Tap into your chain.
  4. Affordability - At $249, the Sound Tap is practically a steal. You simply won’t find a device of this quality at that price point anywhere. When outfitting an entire worship team with in-ear monitoring capabilities, the savings add up.

If your church and team want to make the jump to personal monitoring, look no further than the Ultimate Ears Sound Tap. It’s everything you need to make personal monitoring simple. 

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