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The UE 6 PRO — Tuned to Sound Like an Acoustic Drum Kit

The Ultimate Ears UE 6 PRO was designed so that drummers and bass players could get into a top-shelf in-ear monitor without having pay a premium. We like to think in terms of good, better, best & ultimate. Before we had this offering, we were missing a solid sub-$1000 option for musicians who needed more low-end frequencies. We had the UE 5 for musicians who were just making the transition to in-ear monitors and we had the internationally acclaimed UE 11 for top-touring professionals, but we were missing something in between. So we went back to our roots and revisited one of our earlier patents which has lead us to become the first company to combine balanced armatures with dynamic speakers to create hybrid sound signatures.

To get the sound we were going for for the UE 6, we used a dual-hybrid design. The UE 6 combines two 6-millimeter neodymium dynamic speakers with one of our True Tone balanced armatures. The result is velvety. The low-end sounds organic and full and the top-end is crisp and detailed. It was tuned like an acoustic drum kit — from the kick drum all the way to the ride and crash cymbals.

It is handcrafted in our lab in Irvine, California by a team of technicians who passionately care about design & sound. It comes with our exclusive sweat-proof & road-ready IPX cable and connection system. It offers -26dB of passive noise isolation which lets you listen to your mix at a significantly reduced volume level; and most importantly, it is backed by our legendary customer service and tour support.