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Wax Happens | Clean and Happy IEMs | Ultimate Ears Stories

We spoke to Ann Mundell-Noel, MA, gifted audiologist and founder of about ways to keep the ear canal clear and clean. Not only can ear wax can lead to a decrease in hearing levels as it builds up, but can affect the quality of the sound you hear from from your UE Pros as that sound has to get through to wax to get to your ear drums.

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Ultimate Ears Offers $99 Flat Rate Repair

One of the greatest things about UE is the brilliant customer service. From the creation of the customs to the service rendered after it’s the best in the business in my opinion. So Imagine how psyched I was to hear that the new policy of $99 flat rate fixes are in place.

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How to Keep your Ultimate Ears Clean and Happy

We all know that wax happens, especially on the road. You can take steps to keep your Ultimate Ears clean and happy. Everyday cleaning is best accomplished by the the cleaning tool that ships with the IEMs. However, if your Ultimate Ears are in need of some serious attention, that’s when a deep cleaning is in order.

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