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Singer J Balvin uses the UE 11’s Because he Needs Bass in his Mix

by Erica Lomotan

Singer J Balvin uses the UE 11’s Because he Needs Bass in his Mix

Feel Your Mix

Billboard Latin Music Award Winning Artist J Balvin uses the Ultimate Ears UE 11 PRO custom in-ear monitors when he’s performing onstage because he wants to feel the low-end energy in his mix.

“I like there to be bass in my mix — my music has it.” Says Balvin. “I use the UE 11’s because my voice remains clear without losing the weight that my music has.”

The UE 11 PROS are made specifically for players who need more bass. They are quick, punchy, tight, and full of low-end energy. The mids and highs are crisp and forward, and the dedicated sub adds weight and gravity the low frequencies.

There’s nothing polite or dainty about the UE 11’s. They sound like a wrecking ball. They sound like a John Bonham drum solo. They sound like there’s a sub right in your brain.

If anyone still thinks that in-ear monitors don’t have a lot of low-end, they obviously haven’t tried the 11’s yet. These were made specifically for players who need more low-end.

Of course, they are handcrafted in our lab in Irvine, California by a team of technicians who passionately care about design & sound. They come with the exclusive sweat-proof & road-ready IPX cable and connection system. They offer -26dB of passive noise isolation which lets you listen to your mix at a significantly reduced volume level. And most importantly, they’re backed by Ultimate Ears’ legendary customer service and tour support.

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